Mike Immersed

Welcome to 2018

August 26, 2018


I am a passionate fan of virtual reality. My interest in VR began in the 1990s. This year I got an Oculus Rift and finally have my own 6DOF VR headset and controllers. As I’ve been delving more into VR experiences and even VR development, there have been some things I’ve thought it would be useful to blog.

But the idea of logging into my old Blogger account to post new articles seems so unappealing now. It’s 2018, there’s got to be something more modern than Blogger. I started reading about static site generators like Jekyll. But, why in the world would I want a static site when I could have a dynamic site?

As I looked more into it, it started to make more sense, especially for a blog. I like writing markdown files using a text editor and as a developer I’m comfortable using the command line. The site generator takes my configuration and markdown articles and generates the proper HTML, etc. I push only the generated files to the web server without all the security vulnerabilities of a dynamic site and voila, a new blog.

Mike Henry

Written by Mike Henry, VR enthusiast and software developer. Follow Mike on Twitter